The members of INDIGO PIE worked on their songs for  seven long years, before they felt ready for their debut. But it’s far more  than just an album.

The end result is the trilogy „The Moon… and the Sun…  and the Stars“ – a concept work of always haunting, sometimes dark and  hypnotic, sometimes uncompromising and impulsive and then again wistfully shimmering  songs and instrumentals.
 Three sets of twelve “indie jewels“ for the musical  universe…

INDIGO PIE is a deep-blue musical pie served up by the American singer and song-writer Elvira  Keim, whose Spanish-Austrian roots at times leave a hint of this and a  dash of that in the crossover recipe – not to mention the electronic and  acoustic ingredients of the master chefs, Jörg Seibold (keys &  programming) and Dion Hope (guitars).

To round off this fine cuisine, selected guests  account for special tastes: the passionate trumpeter Jürgen Fetzer, the diabolical Russian violinist Andrej Sur and the  absolutely loony Brother Mad Goedel (harmonica). Jost Hohenberg blows the  saxophone and Lars Sauthoff  hammers the  bass. Strings are strummed by Aniko Borloi (cello) und Friederike  Templin (viola). Alexander Glücksmann plays a surprising  clarinet, Frank Dellé (SEEED) makes a big announcement. And American  singer and song-writer Stephanie Forryan conjures up some  fairytale magic…

It’s a feast for the ears. And there’s no resisting INDIGO  PIE